Product Development Director


Job Details

·       Full-Time

·       Working Hours: Monday - Friday 08:30-18:00


 Role Responsibilities 

·       Determine, define and plan product development to meet the specified KPIs.

·       Effectively manage and control existing personnel and resources.

·       Plan research and development according to the company's policy or direction. and approve experiments related to raw materials and products.

·       Plan to improve work processes within the product research and development department.

·       Plan a budget for procurement of tools, materials and equipment that are necessary for the product research and development department.

·       Research and experiment to develop formulas and test, analyze products.

·       Research and develop new products new innovation to improve the production process to meet the needs of customers and the market.

·       Study and determine the shelf life of products involved in research and development of products that affect physical and chemical properties and biological.

·       Calculate production cost product development Control costs by planning together with relevant agencies.

·       Experiment with raw materials chemicals and packaging at the procurement department and for quality testing.

·       Prepare production formulas, standards of raw materials, packaging, raw materials in process Finished products and production manuals, including standard documents.

·       Report the results of the experiment and summarize the results of the experiment. Test for supervisors.

·       Coordinate with various departments in the testing of raw materials and control products, and jointly determine the Company's operation guidelines to ensure compliance with standards, quality systems and requirements. from a designated ministry or agency.

·       Other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.





·       Thai nationality, Male-Female, Age 35+ years

·       Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in any related field.


·       15+ years of work experience in product development

·       Experience cosmetics, food supplements

·       Good communication skills, teamwork and management skill.

·       Proficiency in English communication

·       Experience in FMCG, (Fast-moving consumer goods) , B2B (Business-to-Business), Modern Trade would be plus.

·       Experienced in SAPB1 system would be preferred

·       Excellent command of MS office program such as PowerPoint, word, Excel.



Work with us: 165/52-54 Nirvana @Work Ram-Intra, Ram-Intra Road, Bang-Khen, Bangkok 10220, Thailand